If your tooth hurts for even just a few hours or more, it could indicate you need professional dental treatment. If you’re wondering whether you need treatment or not, you probably do.  Don’t wait to get relief from your toothache pain, call us today!

Feel free to reach out to us at Morgan Dental. Dr. Crowther can help you determine what treatment you need and how soon you need it. We can help you make sure your toothache isn’t caused by a condition that will worsen, which could be a serious health threat. 


Don’t Take Chances With Your Dental Health

Dental problems can come in many forms, including various symptoms. Please contact us as soon as possible if you’re experiencing persistent, sharp, severe, or throbbing tooth pain. Other possibly serious symptoms include swelling or pain around the tooth in the gums, pain when you apply pressure to the teeth, and tooth or gum bleeding. Even chills, fever, earache, jaw pain, and tightness or pain in the chest might indicate that you need dental treatment. And especially if you have difficulty opening your mouth, speaking, or eating. We’ll do what we can to provide treatment as soon as possible. 


Some common toothache causes include:


Never Ignore a Toothache

You might be able to bear the pain while it lasts, but if you’d prefer to make the pain go away as quickly as possible, you should seek professional treatment. You also want to ensure you don’t have a serious problem. 

Even if the pain goes away, you shouldn’t ignore a possible problem. For example, the pain might have disappeared because the tooth root died, but you might still require treatment. 


How to Avoid a Toothache

Avoiding a toothache is easy. Brushing and flossing twice a day can help keep the dentist away. Maintaining a healthy diet can help too, particularly by avoiding sugary and acidic foods and drinks – all the things you might consume which can promote tooth decay. 

And regular checkups can help too. Seeing Dr. Crowther and the Morgan Dental staff for an evaluation and professional cleaning around twice per year is a great way to prevent the dental problems which cause toothache. Even if you practice excellent dental hygiene at home, we can keep an eye out for dental conditions that may be beyond your control. 

We can discover problems before they become serious and slow or eliminate problems that have already begun.


Some Toothache Home Care Tips

Until you get the professional treatment you need, here are some tips which can help relieve pain:


Some Common Professional Treatments

Depending on your toothache cause, there are various things we might do for treatment: 


Fast and Safe Toothache Relief in Morgan

Even a minor toothache could be a more serious issue than you think. If you start to experience one, please contact us as soon as possible to get you the treatment you need.

At Morgan Dental, our goal is to keep you smiling, keep your teeth healthy, and keep you pain-free.