Dental Cleanings

Taking proper care of our teeth is essential to maintaining general physical health. Dental cleaning with a professional dentist like Dr. Lance Crowther is one of the most common oral hygiene procedures that help maintain proper oral health by keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. Dr. Lance Crowther at Morgan Dental in Morgan, Utah, provides dental cleanings to help each patient have fresh breath, prevent gum diseases, and improve oral health. 

At our office in Morgan, you can experience a relaxing and comforting experience where our dentist will listen to every concern or question you may have and provide the necessary education. With the highest manners and education, our dental team can help you with every step, from when you set up the appointment to when you leave our office. If you live in the Morgan area, our dental office is the place for you! With our several procedures, from regular dental cleanings to cosmetic treatments, we can help you with your smile.


What is Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning, also called prophylaxis or teeth cleaning, is a dental procedure by Dr. Lance Crowther to remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth. Dental cleanings occur twice a year, although someone with periodontal disease or prone to cavities may need them more often. It’s a routine practice that ensures oral hygiene of your teeth and gums, preventing gum diseases and cavities.

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Dental Cleaning Procedure

Dental cleaning is a painless and straightforward procedure that involves a few essential steps. First, Dr. Lance Crowther will examine the teeth and check gum disease symptoms. Next, we will clean your teeth using a scaler, which removes plaque and tartar buildup from around the gum line and tooth surfaces. Once the scale is clean, Dr. Lance Crowther will floss between each tooth and eliminate stubborn debris. Special polisher and toothpaste are used to professionally clean and polish your teeth to appear polished and fresh. Generally, dental cleaning takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on your oral hygiene.


Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning has numerous benefits for your oral health. Here are the benefits that you will get from regular dental cleaning:

  1. Prevention of Oral Diseases: Regular dental cleaning reduces the risk of gum diseases, gingivitis, tooth decay, and gum recession. A dental professional removes the buildup of plaque and bacteria that attack your teeth and gum.
  2. Helps in Early Detection of Oral Cancer: Dental cleaning is often accompanied by an overall dental check-up that can help detect oral cancer early.
  3. Freshens Your Breath: Dental cleaning will leave your mouth and breath smelling fresh.
  4. Saves You Money: Regular dental cleaning prevents expensive dental treatments in the future by addressing minor problems before they turn into major ones.
  5. Promotes Overall Health: Oral health is essential for general physical health. Regular dental cleaning assists in preventing other systemic infections that can occur due to gum diseases and cavities, like heart diseases, stroke, and low birth weights in pregnant women.


Dental Cleanings in Morgan, UT

Dental cleanings are a surgical procedure for maintaining good oral hygiene. Even with the best oral healthcare routine at home, a dental cleaning can help remove stubborn plaque and tartar that regular brushing cannot remove. With the several benefits and the care you can expect from Dr. Lance Crowther and his team, dental cleanings are just one step to getting the care your smile needs. Schedule your regular dental cleaning with Dr. Lance Crowther today

We can’t wait to help you maintain your smile and help you achieve a bright and healthy smile. If you are curious about other treatment options to improve or restore your smile, we proudly offer cosmetic and restorative procedures to help you achieve your desired smile.