Tooth Crown in Morgan, Utah

We at Morgan Dental in Morgan, Utah, do all that we can to remove infection and replace it with strong dental material to help you keep your tooth. In some cases, there is a cavity that is too large, and removing then placing a standard filling isn’t the best option while trying to repair it. For these cases, the best restorative option available is the dental tooth crown.


What is a Tooth Crown?

The dental tooth crown is an artificially made tooth cap, that is made to fit the exact anatomy of the tooth that needs repair. When removing the decay, the dentist will leave a small anchoring piece that has been untouched by the cavity, to act as the foundation for the crown.

The crown consists of a hollow center that will be bonded onto the lasting piece of the tooth, an occlusal or chewing surface, and the sides of the tooth. Taking the color, shape, and size of the original tooth, the dental lab creates an almost perfect artificial replica of your tooth.

Crowns are also used in the restoration process of receiving a dental implant. In an implant procedure, the crown is used to cover the titanium “root” of the tooth.

Benefits of a Crown

If there is a severe cavity that needs to be removed, your choice is to either have it removed or leave it to eventually fall out. Once the cavity is removed, the remaining portion of the tooth, if not capped with a dental crown, will become infected again. Either way, you lose your natural tooth.

The crown is made out of porcelain, making it a durable tooth to chew with. With porcelain, the crown can’t receive a cavity. It is custom-made to fit the anatomy of your surrounding teeth making it impossible for others to identify it like a crown.


Patients won’t necessarily know that they need a tooth crown without coming into the office and being diagnosed by the dentist. We recommend that our patients need to stay up-to-date with their regular cleanings and check-ups at our office to catch severe cavities early on.

If you believe you could require a dental crown, please give us a call to speak with a dental professional.