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At Morgan Dental, we specialize in certain orthodontic work in addition to general family dentistry. We provide comprehensive dental coverage, ensuring our patients receive the type of care they need. Don’t wait to enhance your smile with orthodontics!

Dr. Crowther and his team of friendly dental professionals can help you make sure everything looks great with your teeth or your family member’s teeth. We’re your go-to dental office for high-quality, family-friendly care. Contact us today to set up an appointment. 


What is an Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist helps you or your child with dental aesthetics, functionality, efficiency, and structural balance. Orthodontics commonly includes braces and other dental solutions to straighten teeth and correct jaw line-up issues. Straight, aligned teeth mean not only beautiful smiles but healthy ones. An Orthodontist’s work can also correct problems related to chewing food and dental-related speech impediments. 


Orthodontics Can Help Beautify Your Smile

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, it can affect your smile. At Morgan Dental, we don’t want anybody to be hesitant to smile because of how their teeth look. It’s just not necessary with today’s comfortable, effective orthodontic options. The quality orthodontic care at Morgan Dental can provide a big boost in your smile’s confidence and your self-esteem by helping you build a smile that you will want to show off as often as possible. 

By moving your teeth and correcting other jaw and oral disorders, we can help you build the smile you desire.


Orthodontics Can Provide a Functional Bite

Regular check-ups by a qualified orthodontist are important even if you’re feeling great about how you look. Even a beautiful smile can have hidden malocclusions or biting issues. We want to ensure your bite operates correctly. 

Tooth misalignment can occur when you chew your food incorrectly. This means your front teeth (incisors) do a good job of biting into food, and your back teeth (molars) do a good job of grinding it down once you start eating. If you’re chewing with your incisors, for example, it can be bad for your digestive system, which can be bad for overall health. 

An incorrect bite can also cause jaw joint issues and tooth wear issues. It can even lead to tooth loss. 

We can ensure your teeth are in great shape today and that they won’t have alignment or malocclusion issues in the future. Just contact us today to schedule an evaluation.  


Orthodontics Can Provide Structural Balance

Our quality orthodontic care at Morgan Dental can ensure your teeth, gums, and surrounding jaw muscles are in harmony. 

Orthodontics can address overbite, underbite, crowding, and too much space between the teeth.  


What Options are Available?

Each patient is unique and may have unique dental needs. These days, there is a great deal of orthodontic dental options available to correct tooth and jaw aesthetic, alignment and functionality issues.

Some common orthodontic dental options include traditional braces, which are a reliable, effective way to help orthodontists move your teeth. They’re typically constructed of durable, long-lasting stainless steel and can include color and transparency options to help you design their look and make them more discrete in your mouth. They typically involve periodic dental visits to adjust them and keep your teeth moving in the right direction. 

Like metal braces, clear aligners are effective and reliable but are made of discrete, clear plastic material. Unlike braces, when you smile or talk, others may not be able to notice that you’re wearing the aligners. This is why clear aligners are often the choice for adults and teens. 


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