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5 FAQs about Dentures Every Patient Should Know

Modern dentistry offers many solutions to restore your smile, functionality, and health. Among these, dentures at Morgan Dental in Morgan, Utah, remain a pillar of dental care for patients who may have lost multiple teeth. Despite their long-standing history, there are still several questions that patients often ask about dentures.  This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the topic by answering five frequently asked denture questions. From what dentures are to the fitting processes and care, we’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure you or your loved ones understand this essential dental treatment.   Q: What are Dentures and Who Are They For? Dentures in Morgan, also known as false teeth, are removable replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. They’re custom-made to resemble your natural teeth and enhance your smile closely. Dentures can be a suitable option if you need to replace several or all of your teeth.  They help improve chewing ability and speech while supporting facial muscles, preventing a sunken or aged appearance that can occur after tooth loss. Dentures are a functional dental solution and contribute significantly to an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. Ideal Candidates for Dentures Ideal candidates for dentures are individuals who have lost multiple teeth due to decay, gum disease, or injury. Those who may be facing extensive tooth loss and want to restore the aesthetics and function of their smile are potential candidates.  However, we will determine denture candidacy by a comprehensive dental examination and consultation with Dr. Lance Crowther. Dr. Crowther will consider factors such as your remaining teeth and gums, overall health, and desired outcomes to determine if dentures are the best option for you.   Q: How to Care for Dentures – Tips and Best Practices Consistent and proper dental care is critical for the longevity and functionality of dentures. To maintain them effectively, it’s essential to establish a daily routine that includes gentle brushing using a soft-bristled brush to remove food particles and plaque. Avoiding hot water during cleaning is necessary to prevent warping, and opting for specialized denture cleaners can provide a thorough cleaning. Dr. Crowther can recommend particular products that are most suitable for your type of dentures. Protecting Your Dentures Store your dentures in water or a solution to prevent drying out and maintain their shape when not in use. Handling dentures carefully to avoid breakage is essential, so always clean them over a soft surface or water-filled basin. Additionally, regular dental check-ups are crucial for detecting any issues with fit or signs of damage early on.   Q: The Denture Fitting Process – What to Expect Getting dentures begins with a thorough examination and consultation with your dentist. During this phase, Dr. Crowther will discuss your treatment options and explain each step of the denture fitting process. X-rays and impressions are taken to ensure an accurate fit and to customize your dentures to your unique mouth shape and size. Fitting Appointments Once your dentures are ready, you will attend fitting appointments. Dr. Crowther will test different shapes and sizes of the dentures in wax for you to try. This wax model allows you to see how the final dentures will look and make any necessary adjustments to the fit and appearance. The process can take several appointments, and you must communicate openly with Dr. Crowther about any concerns or discomfort you experience. Finalizing Your Dentures After ensuring the desired fit and appearance, we will create your custom dentures. Dr. Crowther will provide instructions on how to wear and care for them and advice on what to expect during the adjustment period. Patience is essential as your mouth and muscles adapt to the new dentures.   Q: Common Misconceptions about Dentures Debunked Dentures in Morgan Last a Lifetime One common misconception is that you won’t need to replace dentures once you have dentures. However, over time, your mouth undergoes natural changes, leading to alterations in the fit of your dentures. It is best to have your dentures checked and adjusted yearly. Replacement may also be necessary if your dentures become worn or broken or your oral health changes significantly. Dentures are Outdated While dentures have been used for centuries, today’s dentures benefit from modern materials and techniques. The field of prosthodontics has significantly advanced, offering denture wearers improved comfort, fit, and a more natural appearance. With ongoing advancements, dentures remain a contemporary and effective solution for tooth loss. Eating with Dentures is Challenging Initially, eating with new dentures can be challenging as your mouth’s muscles and nerves adapt. However, with practice, most patients regain the ability to eat a wider variety of foods. Cut food into small pieces and chew slowly to ease the transition. Over time, you should be able to enjoy most of your favorite foods again.   Dentures in Morgan Understanding the importance of dentures and how to care for them can profoundly impact your oral health and, by extension, your overall well-being. Restore your smile with dentures in Morgan. If you or someone you know is considering dentures or needs assistance with an existing set, contact Dr. Lance Crowther today. He can provide personalized guidance and support.

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