Do you need a dental crown? Allow us the opportunity to examine your smile and make recommendations. Our consultation will be beneficial and educational. You’ll leave our office with the assurance that you’ve received the most excellent possible treatment and service. Give us a call now, and we’ll get started on improving your smile. Here are 5 Things to Know About the Dental Crowns, but which we thought might be interesting and helpful to you.


5 Things to Know About the Dental Crowns

1. Dental Crowns Are Safe and Effective

Morgan Dental often recommends dental crowns to our patients because we’ve seen how they can strengthen and restore patients’ teeth while also improving the appearance of their smiles. They can shelter and protect a natural tooth, they can fit over an implant, and they can even serve cosmetic purposes.


2. Dental Crowns Serve a Variety of Purposes

Dental crowns may be required due to a variety of circumstances. As we become older, we may become more prone to tooth decay, trauma-related tooth damage, and grinding-related damage. A dental crown is a protective cap placed over your natural tooth. It has the advantage of preserving your natural tooth, allowing you to use it as a naturally strong foundation, and avoiding invasive procedures like tooth extraction. Furthermore, a crown improves its appearance by encasing the tooth in a prosthesis that is appealing and comfortable in your mouth.

The natural tooth may have previously caused alignment issues or grinding problems. A crown will help give you a functioning, healthy bite. A dental crown can fit over the implant if you require extraction, which serves as the new tooth root. Crowns can serve as a versatile, effective solution no matter your dental needs!


3. Dental Crowns Can Last a Long Time

A dental crown, like anything else, can become defective or wear down over time. The better you care for your dental crowns, the longer they will last, up to 15 years. Not only is this a long time, but crowns may also be readily fixed, updated, and replaced if necessary. Dental crowns are an excellent long-term, permanent option.


4. The Dental Crown Process Can be Easy and Comfortable

The dental crown process is painless and straightforward. Regardless of which treatment choice is best for you, our objective is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Taking a mold of your current teeth could be the first step. Dental crown specialists can use this mold to create a crown that matches your natural teeth. Dr. Crowther will begin by injecting a local anesthetic into the area we will treat. The dentist will then shape the natural, underlying tooth using a specialized, state-of-the-art dental device. This gives the crown an excellent tooth form to fit over.


5. You Can Try Your Dental Crown on For Size to Make Sure You Like it First

You may be able to see your personalized crown in place over your natural tooth once it is in place. This will guarantee comfort and fit your liking. The crown will be cemented in place over your existing tooth as the final stage. 


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